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How to Verify a Professional's License in Kansas?

Hiring a competent professional for your planned project is crucial to this project's success. Although there are several ways to evaluate a professional's skill, it is best to first confirm that this professional has complied with any relevant occupational requirements, including obtaining an operational license. The licensing of professionals in Kansas City occurs at both the state and city level, depending on the professional's occupational category. For instance, engineers, land surveyors, and three other technical professions are licensed at the state level by the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, while general contractors are regulated at the city level by the Building Inspection Division of the city's Neighborhood Resource Center Department (NRCD). Accordingly, to verify a professional's license, you can contact the relevant licensing and regulatory agency. For example, to verify a general contractor's license, you can contact the Kansas Neighborhood Resource Center Department at (913) 573-8600 and make inquiries regarding the contractor.

To ensure the safety of residents, some professionals in Kansas City may further be required to follow certain regulatory directives besides obtaining a license. For instance, general contractors are required to obtain the applicable building permit before beginning a building project, and the NRCD's Building Inspection Division generally handles the city's permit-issuing processes. Interested persons can contact the Division through the NRCD at (913) 573-8600 and make inquiries regarding these permitting processes.

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Do Kansas Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

The city is divided into eight districts for administrative reasons, and each neighborhood is sorted within these districts. The city is governed by an 11-member Board of Commissioners that comprises representatives elected from each city district, as well as two representatives, and a City Mayor who are elected at large. You can make use of an online city map to search for your neighborhood and check your district. Despite being the city's local government, the Board of Commissioners does not issue home improvement or construction permits. Nevertheless, their governmental duties may require them to address some city issues that involve construction. For example, in November 2020, the Board of Commissioners approved an agreement with a private developer to build a home improvement store in the city. When completed, it is estimated that the store will generate a revenue of over $1 million for the city annually. Similarly, in December 2020, the Board of Commissioners gave initial approval for the construction of a multifamily multistorey residential building in the city. If final approval is subsequently given, it is believed that the development will help increase housing options for residents.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Kansas?

The 311 Call Center, operated by the city's Knowledge Department, offers city residents an avenue to inquire about general city services and government-related processes. Residents who would like to file an unfair business complaint can contact the Center for assistance by dialing 311. However, calls from outside Kansas City should be directed to (913) 573-5311 instead.

Besides contacting the 311 Call Center for assistance, you can also file an unfair or fraudulent business complaint directly with the Wyandotte County Office of the District Attorney. To file a complaint with this Office, you need to fill and submit an online complaint form. You can also contact this office at (913) 573-2851 for assistance or further information.

After receiving your complaint, the District Attorney's Office will conduct an investigation and may initiate legal proceedings against the professional or business in your complaint. However, the investigation or legal proceedings are not done on your behalf, as the District Attorney only represents the public's interest. To pursue your interest and get personal redress, you may have to initiate separate legal proceedings against the professional or business in question. Such proceedings are usually filed at the Small Claims Department of the Wyandotte County District Court, which presides over claims of $4,000 or less. However, you should consider consulting an attorney on the most appropriate legal steps for your case before filing a claim in court.