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How to Verify a Professional's License in Olathe?

Generally, professionals in Olathe must obtain the relevant professional license or observe relevant regulatory requirements before they can lawfully practice their profession within the city. Therefore, to ensure that a professional can lawfully offer their services to you, you need to verify that they have a professional license or have observed relevant regulatory requirements. There is no general licensing agency for professionals in Olathe City, and instead, these professionals are licensed and regulated by multiple state agencies. These include the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, which licenses pharmacists, and the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions (KSBTP) licenses and regulates about five categories of professionals, including architects and land architects. To verify a professional's license, you can contact the agency regulating the professional or check the agency's available database. For example, to confirm an architect's license, you can contact the KSBTP at (785) 296-3053 or utilize the agency's license search webpage.

Note that while some professionals in Olathe City are not required to obtain a state-issued professional license, they may still have to observe citywide regulatory requirements. For example, general contractors are not required to obtain a professional license, but they must obtain a permit before handling construction-related jobs. The Building Code Division of the city's Fire Department issues these permits and also conducts construction-related building inspections. For inquiries on applying for building permits and permit compliance, you can contact the Building Code Division at (913) 971-7900.

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Do Olathe Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

The Olathe City Council governs the city and performs general administrative roles, such as making and overseeing policy implementation, passing ordinances, and adopting the Olathe budget and capital improvement plan. There are seven councilmembers, and four of these councilmembers represent each of the city's four wards. The other three council members are elected at large and include the City Mayor. You can look through the city map to know your ward and councilmember. While the City Council does not issue building permits, they often decide on building and construction-related issues within the city. For example, in August 2021, the Olathe City council began reviewing a request to issue $200m worth of industrial revenue bonds towards developing a business park on the city's southside. Also, in September 2021, the Olathe City Council rejected a proposal to increase the city's property tax. This proposed tax increase was intended to supplement funding for the ongoing library construction in the city's downtown area and maintain the current city library.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Olathe?

The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) of the Kansas State Attorney General's Office handles unfair business complaints from residents of Olathe City. You can submit a complaint regarding a business's unfair practices by completing an investigative request form and submitting it to the CPD either by email, by faxing it to (785) 291-3699, or by mailing it to

  • Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • 120 South West 10th Avenue
  • 2nd Floor
  • Topeka, KS 66612

Upon filing an investigative request with the CPD, you should note that the CPD would examine the case thoroughly and equitably make decisions. In situations where you suspect that a business or professional is engaged in illegal activities, you can contact the Olathe City Police Department at (913) 782-0720 and make inquiries on filing a criminal report.

Alternatively, residents can opt to settle some complaints by mediation. To this end, residents can either utilize the Olathe Community Mediation Program or the Kansas Attorney General's Mediation Program. To utilize the Olathe Community Mediation Program, residents must request a mediation session by filling an online community mediation request form and wait for a response from the Olathe Community Mediation Office. For assistance or inquiries, residents can also contact the Program Manager at (913) 971-7736. Similarly, to utilize the Kansas Attorney General's Mediation Program, residents can contact the Kansas CPD at (785) 296-3751 and request assistance. If you cannot reach a compromise during mediation or your complaint cannot be mediated, you may proceed to file a small claims case with the Small Claims Division of the Johnson County District Court. However, this Division only handles claims not exceeding $4,000, and it is advisable to engage the services of a lawyer for advice before filing this claim.