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How to Verify a Professional's License in Topeka?

Verifying a professional's license in Topeka is crucial in ensuring that you do not hire the wrong individual. More than seven professional licensing boards handle the licensure of eligible professionals in Topeka at the state level, and they include the Kansas Board of Technical Professions, the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, and the Kansas Board of Accountancy. Each of these professional boards maintains an online licensee search tool that allows residents to verify a professional's license status. For example, you can verify an engineering license using the Kansas Board of Technical Professions' licensee search tool. Likewise, you can also verify a medical doctor's license using the Board of Healing Arts' licensee search tool, and an accountant's license via the Kansas Board of Accountancy licensee search portal. In addition to the aforementioned state-issued licenses, some professions are also licensed and regulated locally by Topeka. For example, contractors in Topeka are mandatorily required to obtain a license from the city's Development Services Division. You can verify a professional's local-level license status with this division by calling (785) 368 - 3905.

While it is crucial to verify a professional's license status, residents of Topeka must understand that having a license is not the only requirement for carrying out specific projects in Topeka. For example, in addition to a license, a building permit is needed to perform home improvement and construction work in Topeka. As such, residents of Topeka must ensure that the contractor or developer they hired obtains the necessary permits for such projects. Building permits are issued by the Development Services Division of Topeka. All queries concerning building permits can be directed to this division at (785) 368 - 3704.

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Do Topeka Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood improvement associations in Topeka do not issue permits for home improvement or construction work. Neighborhood improvement associations are created by residents of the same neighborhood to communicate relevant information about the challenges and decisions of members of the neighborhood to the city officials regarding crime prevention, development, neighborhood preservation, and neighborhood revitalization. In January 2020, the Tennessee Town Neighborhood Improvement Association requested that Topeka's City Manager convene a committee of city staff and residents to discuss work on the entire 12th street project. The association believed that the decision would give residents and voters the chance to directly make decisions that affect them. Neighborhood improvement associations in Topeka also improve the quality of life in the neighborhood by organizing neighborhood activities and assisting residents on matters of general interest. In December 2020, the Historic Old Town Neighborhood Improvement Association received a grant to carry out the 'make every block better project', which was a cleanup project that involved volunteers cleaning the alleyways, and making the spaces safer for residents. Residents of Topeka can find out more about the functions of neighborhood improvement associations and how to start a neighborhood improvement association in their areas of residence via the city's neighborhood relations webpage.

How Do You File an Unfair Business

The Kansas Attorney General's Office handles complaints and investigations on several issues, including unfair business complaints. Residents of Topeka can file a complaint against a business with the Kansas Attorney General's Office by downloading, printing, completing, and mailing a consumer protection investigation request form to:

  • Kansas Attorney General's Office
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • 120 South West 10th Avenue
  • 2nd Floor
  • Topeka, KS 66612 - 1597

Upon receiving your complaint, the Kansas Attorney General's Office will take appropriate steps to ensure that the matter is resolved, which is usually through methods like investigation, mediation, and prosecuting violations of the Consumer Protection Act. However, residents of Topeka must understand that the office only performs this function on behalf of the state. As such, the Kansas Attorney General's Office can not act as your private attorney in such matters. In addition to this, residents of Topeka must also understand that the office can not force a business to pay full restitution to any complainant. If you are seeking full compensation for monetary damages from the business, you can file the matter in an appropriate court. Matters involving a total of $4, 000, or less can be filled in Shawnee County Small Claims Court.

Lastly, while most consumer complaints typically involve deceptive practices, you can contact the Topeka Police Department if your complaint also involves any alleged criminal offenses or activities. You can report these types of matters to the Topeka Police Department by calling (785) 368 - 9125.