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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Wichita

Known as the "Air Capital of the World," Wichita is a major global aircraft manufacturing and innovation center. The city also hosts several universities, parks, museums, theaters, entertainment venues, and shopping centers. Though Wichita's climate is hot and humid in the summer and very cold during the winter, locals and tourists still find time to enjoy many outdoor activities in the city. Luckily, they count with over 750 HVAC mechanics that ensure they come home to a cozy environment. These professionals are skilled in installing, repairing, or upgrading AC units, furnaces, ventilation fans, refrigeration systems, ducts, heaters, broilers, and other heating and cooling systems.

Wichita mandates professionals who wish to install, upgrade, maintain, or repair any heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems to obtain the appropriate mechanical trade license from the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD). Hence, it is important to verify the licensing status of your HVACR contractor, in addition to other aspects like their specialization, insurance coverage, and the rate they quoted for the job. These are key factors that may determine your satisfaction with their services.

Thus, to ensure you pick the best contractor for the job, it is wise to ask the following questions:

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Wichita?

Hiring a licensed and experienced HVAC technician who adheres to the requirements of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Unified Building & Trade Code for installing, altering, and repairing mechanical heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems is the only way to get optimal and satisfactory services. As such, we recommend you always call licensed and experienced professionals for your HVAC needs, no matter how small a problem may seem. You can contact a licensed and experienced HVAC technician if you need any of the following services:

  • Furnace repair and tune-ups
  • Inspecting thermostat functionality
  • AC installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Cleaning of coils, elements, and drains in HVAC systems
  • Energy-efficient HVAC upgrades
  • Duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement
  • Furnace installation and maintenance

Are You Licensed as an HVAC Contractor in Wichita?

Anyone who wishes to install or make additions, alterations, and repairs to any heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning system in Wichita must first obtain the appropriate mechanical trade license from the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD). The MABCD currently offers different mechanical licenses to interested persons in Wichita. These include the following:

  • Apprentice license: This allows an individual to perform HVAC work only when accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a Master or Journeyman technician, who shall be responsible for the mechanical work performed by the apprentice.
  • Journeyman license: These individuals erect, install, alter, repair, service, or maintain HVAC systems under the supervision of a licensed mechanical contractor. Applicants require one year of field experience and completion of a technical heating and air conditioning school program or two years of field experience to qualify for this license.
  • Master license: These individuals have authority over all technical work performed on a mechanical system and are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations during a project. Applicants for this license must have two years of experience as a journeyman or at least five years of field experience. Only Master's license holders can apply for a mechanical contractor license.

Anyone who wishes to obtain a mechanical contractor license from the MABCD must meet specific eligibility requirements, which include the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a master license holder or provide a Master / qualifying person certificate.
  • Pass a board-approved mechanical licensing examination
  • Pay the appropriate exam and license fee
  • Provide work experience proof
  • Carry liability insurance coverage and workers' compensation insurance.
  • Provide valid government-issued ID cards.

Once these requirements are met, applicants can mail a completed application form alongside application fees to

237 West 3rd
Suite 101
Wichita, KS 67202

You can confirm that your prospective Wichita mechanical contractors are properly licensed to do HVAC work in the city using the License Lookup platform that the MABCD provides.

What Rates Do You Charge for Your HVAC Services in Wichita?

HVAC technicians in Wichita typically charge anywhere from $23 - $100 per hour. However, the final cost of any HVAC service will depend on the following factors:

  • The nature and scope of the job
  • The type, brand, and size of the HVAC system and equipment
  • Your building's layout and the cost of necessary renovations
  • The labor intensity of the job
  • The location of the HVAC unit inside and outside the building
  • The cost of required permits and additional components like dehumidifiers and smart thermostats

Before choosing an HVAC technician to work with, we recommend you compare rates for your required HVAC services from different technicians in the city. Doing so will enable you to determine your project's current market rates.

Will My HVAC Project Require a Permit in Wichita?

The Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD) issues mechanical permits for any project that involves replacing, installing, or modifying heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. These permits can be obtained online or in person by completing and submitting a mechanical permit application form to

237 West 3rd
Suite 101
Wichita, KS 67202

Notice that mechanical permits are typically issued to the following persons:

  • Mechanical license holders
  • Homeowners who plan to complete the necessary work themselves and are currently residing on the property for which the permit is being requested. Before receiving the requested permit, homeowners must pass a test administered by the MABCD.

For more information regarding mechanical permits in Wichita, contact the MABCD at (316) 660-1840 or by email.

What Type of HVAC Services Do You Offer in Wichita?

Wichita HVAC technicians offer several types of HVAC services, from installing new HVAC systems to repairing and upgrading existing ones. Some of these services include the following:

Air Conditioner Installation:
$3,213 - $5,000
Air Conditioner Repair:
$74 - $1,000
Furnace Installation:
$1,500 - $7,000
Furnace Repair:
$68 - $2,200
Whole House Humidifier Installation:
$332 - $600
Thermostat Installation:
$112 - $160
Central Air Purifier Installation:
$848 - $1,300

Will You Be Doing the Work, or Do You Outsource the HVAC Work in Wichita?

Under certain circumstances, your HVAC technician may have to outsource part of your project to a subcontractor. This usually happens when the deadline for the completion of the project is near or the project is of a commercial or industrial type. Therefore, before concluding any hiring arrangement with your preferred HVAC technician, we recommend you find out if they will outsource any part of your project. If they will, we advise you to take the following actions:

  • Ensure that each subcontractor is appropriately licensed and experienced.
  • Confirm the subcontractors' bond and insurance status.
  • Insist on getting lien waivers to ensure that you are not held liable if the HVAC contractor fails to pay the subcontractors on time.

Are You a Fully Insured and Bonded Wichita HVAC Contractor?

Mechanical contractors, including HVAC technicians, must carry general liability insurance of at least $300,000 before they can legally operate in the city. Therefore, before selecting an HVAC technician to work with, we recommend you request a copy of their insurance policy and validate it with the insurance company.

Contact the MABCD at (316) 660-1840 for additional information about Wichita mechanical contractors' insurance requirements.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your HVAC Work in Wichita?

A warranty covering the materials and labor for a project is something reputable mechanical contractors in Wichita usually offer to their customers. If the mechanical contractor you are negotiating with does not offer a warranty covering materials and labor, take that as a red flag. Furthermore, be aware that the contractor's policies usually determine the warranty duration, so ask about this.

After the project is finished, remember to check with your contractor if the warranty on your HVAC services is still valid if any issues arise. Most warranties last at least a year or two. To be clear, ensure you get a written copy of the warranty to review its terms before any work begins, regardless of any previous verbal agreements.

How Do I Resolve Any Issue I Have with Your HVAC Services in Wichita?

The Sedgwick County District Attorney's Consumer Protection Division is the agency that handles complaints involving deceptive and fraudulent mechanical contractors in Wichita. Residents of the city can report HVAC technicians with these types of misbehaviors to the Division by completing and mailing a consumer complaint form to

Office of the District Attorney
18th Judicial District of Kansas
535 N. Main
Wichita, KS 67203

You can also submit the completed form to the Division by email.